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  • Why pay a large monthly fee for many of the custom

    Why pay a large monthly fee for many of the custom Real Estate template systems when you can have a high tech universal website developed in WordPress? Have a look a few samples and pricing…

    Why not show all the MLS listings on your website

    Why not show all the MLS listings on your website from your competitors and all the listings across Canada. Keep visitors on your website because you have everything they are looking for. All the leads on any listing come directly to you. Take a look at our DDF plugin that we can install directly into your websites

    Quick setup and free trial

    Many companies are charging hundreds of dollars for setup and then a high monthly fee indefinitely for a website that has limited functionality, you don’t actually own and you are definitely paying too much for..

    Includes hosting, domain & maintenance

    we will convert that existing website to a WordPress website for you, also starting from only $1,500 and only $20/mth hosting which includes your own cPanel and our DDF plugin.


    Make it your own

    • Change colors
    • Apply a custom banner
    • Add text, photos, and videos
    • Drag-and-drop content with visual layout tools
    • Customize menus and site navigation
    • And lots more!

    Main Benefits for your Real Estate website


    One of the main benefits for your Real Estate website is that we have added fields to search “Agent Id” and “Office Id”. When you enter your ID it pulls all of your listings up. This can be used to create a link on your website called “My Listings” and for the Brokerage websites “Our Listings” by inserting the office code in that field. Try searches below to see how it works. Try the “Share this search” by coping that URL from the box and pasting it into another window. It brings up that search inside of our theme. When embedded inside of your website we can use that URL in your menu to provide “Your City Homes”, “Your City Condo’s”, “Your City Waterfront”, “Your City Businesses For Sale” ….it is unlimited what you can have in your own menu for visitors to quickly find all of the MLS listings associated to that particular focus making you a complete expert online for what they are after.

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    Why it is very different
  • Many of the DDF plugins are limited to how they function and only offer a limited view to the visitors. Compare the difference and notice how large our featured properties and maps are making them much easier for the visitor to view.

    In addition, many of the DDF plugins connect directly from your website to the CREA server and download ALL of the data to your website. You have to house all of the data so if you do not have space to accommodate over 100gb of data and the server you have paid to use does not have the resources, showing all MLS listings in Canada is going to be almost impossible for you without paying a lot more for your web hosting. Our DDF plugin system operates from our own server that updates from CREA twice per day and then streams the data directly to your website under your brand as required by your visitors. You can offer more features to be filtered and all of Canada if you wish.

    Email Alerts

    If your visitors like one of the featured MLS real estate listings they see on your website and want to know more about it, they simply fill in their contact information and you will receive an email with their name, contact info and a link to the listing they want to know more about, even though it is another brokerages listing!

    Save Listings & Searches

    Site visitors can save, rate and comment on their portfolio of properties using the Property Organizer included in your site. They can create and edit saved searches and email alert settings here as well.

    Reporting & Management

    A variety of reports keep you up-to-date on what leads are searching for and viewing on your site, while leads and activity summaries come directly to your inbox. Access all lead activity and information from your smartphone.

  • Testimonials

    The Realty Pro website and DDF for MLS listings was a great investment. It saves me time so I don't have to upload my listings and I like the way the rotating feature listings look. It was easy to work with the Realty Pro team and I would recommend them to any Realtor.


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    Custom designed Websites made in WordPress. We can convert your existing website to a WordPress site that you own. Stop paying rent for your website!